What started in childhood has lasted a lifetime

I am an intuitive Angel medium, Angel Reiki Master, a pet communicator, and artist. I have been working on art projects since I was a little girl. I studied art history and various types of studio art. I decided to open this shop and share my love for creativity and spirituality. I like to try new styles and apply them to my work.

I also give readings on daily life situations and do something similar to Angel Therapy. I receive guidance and support from angelic and elemental beings which I am in contact with. It can range from life purpose to what emotional issues need to be worked through to help people change their lives. I connect with animals and pets for readings and healings too. I can contact departed loved ones. Which can give peace to people suffering from loss.

I was always sensitive to the feelings of others as a child picking up on what they were feeling. Empathic. Later in my 20's I studied with a psychic who was a negative energy specialist/ healer for 8 years. Now I've gotten to a point where I'd like to help other people or bring guidance.

What I do is not fortune telling but helping people to get what they want from life or help their pets communicate needs. The Angels usually tell people what to do to get the future they want or an outcome. Sometimes the most simplest yes or no answer will not do. The future changes daily by peoples actions and nothing is really set in stone.

Have a great day! :)

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