Archangel Emmanuel Reading- Voice Recorded 15-45 Min Sent To Your Email

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Emmanuel is loosely translated as "God is with us." A lot of things have been speculated about this particular Archangel. I was guided to this Archangel by my divine support system of Angels. I wanted to help and clear serious emotional problems for people which includes issues from childhood on. What I have come to understand is that the Emmanuel that I work with focuses on guiding people to let go of things in life that are holding them back. This Archangel is very gentle and has a divine holy spirit energy that is different from the others. This reading is for people that want deep introspection and who need help taking one small step a day to change. The Angels have explained that change on an emotional level is gradual. Just changing one habit or emotional aspect can create a ripple effect which leads to manifesting desires. This Archangel can clear the way. Small emotional releases lead to great illumination and healing. Emmanuel can help give support and guidance through difficult times. People have said that this Archangel and Jesus are interconnected. The Christ light comes through during these readings.

The Archangels that I work with focus on the present moment rather than the future. They have explained that the present moment and the choices you make daily determine the future. Archangels focus on telling you steps and options to take to get the future you want. It's up to you how to implement their information into your life.

REIKI -Optional on another site

This reading did offer Angel Reiki also but Etsy no longer honors the healing arts. If you would like healing in addition message me and you can get it from one of my other sites that honors Angel Reiki. It's important to have a healing aspect along with a reading. So rather than just being told information you can get an emotional release or physical healing as well. Some information about Reiki is below. ..

During Reiki- You may feel sensations such as tingling, heat, calmness, relaxes muscles and tension. Some people don't feel anything. That's ok it can be different for everyone.


Reiki has many uses and is not limited to people and animals. Because Reiki enhances your focus and energy you can use that increased awareness on anything you wish to have increased
positive energy, clarity or resolution about.

For example, Reiki can be used on your: Relationships, Work, Financial situation, Food, and drink, Goals, Plants, Animals, Past unresolved issues, Land, To receive inspiration, or clarification on an issue


Name/ Person involved
Questions or concerns
Please allow 1-7 for the reading

The reading will help in many ways but is for entertainment purposes only. I'm not a doctor or counselor.


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There are no refunds on readings or Reiki at this time. It takes hours of time and effort to get messages or send healing energy.


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