Energy Work With a Full Reading. Your choice of 20-60 Mins for each. For Human or Pets (Reiki and other modalities used) Voice Recorded Read


This is Angel /Reiki energy work with a reading. You will have a choice of 20-60 min energy work with a reading of the same minutes. I combine several different healing modalities together including working with the Angels. We will take a look and see what’s going on inside and out. Pick your session – 20-60 minutes offered. I do send a voice recording of what happened and any instructions if needed. Energy work can be used to help rebalance emotions, the body, and chakras. You can get a session to help with stress relief, feelings of grief or loss, and releasing from the past including past lives. Energy work has no limits as to what you can use it for and accomplish.

As with any energy work consistency gets long term positive results. People often get energy work as needed. This can be on a weekly or monthly basis. After work has been done do any action you are guided to. Action with energy work helps you to continue to get benefits. Energy work awakens your own inner growth and self development.

If you have never tried energy work before please message me before buying this reading. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I am certified in Reiki, Kundalini, Angel energy, and Light ray work. I do whatever I am called to do during.

What I Need From You

Anything you want me to focus on or choose to let the energy go where needed
Let me know date and times available

Prepare Yourself

I will message you when I am doing this long distance work. At that time please prepare yourself by laying down or just being in a relaxed state. Say quietly to yourself – I open my heart to receive this energy work. Please do not drive or do any strenuous activity right after. I do not work on people who have pacemakers as this may affect them differently.

It can vary as to what people may feel during. Some people feel sensations in their body such as – heat, cold, or tingling...etc. Others may have more of a mental experience where they see memories or visions. Some people that are not very sensitive cannot feel anything. For those types of people it’s important to trust that something has occurred. You may notice that you feel better or your mood has shifted.

It may take up to 24 hours to fully feel the effects of what has occurred. People have often said that they feel lighter after the experience.

I am not a medical doctor or counselor. This is for entertainment purposes only.


I will gladly accept direct checkout or credits cards (via Pay Pal). Please let me know what method you will use.


You will have a 3 day time period in which to send the payment. After 3 days if the payment is not received the piece may be relisted. If there are any concerns just let me know. :) I am here to help.

Shipping from United States


Readings will be emailed or by other methods specified. You do have the option to online chat or talk on the phone to discuss a reading. Readings will be email from -

There are no refunds on readings or Reiki at this time. It takes hours of time and effort to get messages or send healing energy.


Larger items are mailed in a protected cylinder tube. Smaller items are sent out in a shipping envelope. All items have tracking. If a purchase is going international the buyer is responsible for any merchandise importing fees that may occur. If you have a shipping preference or an item needs different packaging we can talk it over and come to an arrangement.

I do not provide refunds for lost or stolen packages. Please verify that your shipping address is correct before making a purchase. I use the address that Etsy provides me, NOT PAYPAL. This is the address I will ship your item(s) to unless otherwise notified in advance.



There are no refunds at this time for readings or Reiki. This is due to the enormous amount of time spent to bring in messages or send healing energy.


Items may be returned or exchanged within 7 days of receipt. You will be responsible for shipping cost and returning. Refunds will be issued to your PayPal or direct check out account upon receipt of Item. Please take care of the item and ship back in same condition as you received it.

Please contact me within 24 hours of receiving the item if you would like to return it.


If a custom order for art is made I will work together with the buyer on the scene, colors, material, and medium. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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